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Ot7 x reader fluff

May 02, 2021 · love languages | ot7. pairing: ot7 x reader. genre: angst, fluff. warnings: none! summary: each of the boys love languages. a/n: i was going back and forth about all of their love languages so feel free to let me know what you think they are!!!! additionally, this is not proof read so i hope it’s okay! kim seokjin - acts of service.

Reader; Reader-Insert; OT7; OT7 x Reader - Freeform; multirelationship - Freeform; Polygamy; poly bts; sensate bts; Sense8 AU; Inspired By Sense8; Don't Have to Know Sense8 Canon; loosely based on Sense8; Summary. Park Jimin needs to think and what better place to do that, than sit in the Louvre and think about his life. Pairing: OT7 X Reader. Summary: College life is not what you expected and befriending your peers is a challenge, at least until your coworkers invite you to join their weekly trivia night. Sexual tension skyrockets as you befriend this curious group of handsome young men. An OT7, non-idol AU. Genre: Fluff, eventual smut May 04, 2021 · home called you ~ slight angst, smut, fluff - 4.7k. requested: idol!jungkook having a sneaky night out with reader because they’re both having a hard time with work. bandmates ~ slight fluff, smut - 4.3k. where jeon jungkook & kim taehyung are close with you as bandmates but get closer for their own reasons… ft. kth. PARK JIMIN ♡

pairing: poly!ot7 x fem!reader genre: bridgerton!au, regency era historical fiction, enemies to lovers, duke!bts x reader warnings: historical inaccuracy summary: y/n l/n was the most sought-after lady of this year's social season. her beauty was unmatched, her wit far superior to those around her, her charm that of a descendent of royal blood. all these aspects of her made her the prize to ...Pairing: OT7 Hybrid!BTS x [F]Human!Reader. Genre: Fluff, Angst, comfort, 16+ warning until stated otherwise. Warning: Mentions of Animal/Hybrid abuse, Illegal hybrid auctions, Hybrids being treated like animals, mentions of hybrid being put down, mafia dad? Maybe, abuse of money and power, talk of ruts, knots and other hybrid traits etc.