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Tbc raid comp planner

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Tbc raid comp planner

Welcome to our TBC Classic strategy guide for Gruul's Lair! Found in Blade's Edge Mountains, Gruul's Lair is one of the first raids you can experience in TBC. It is a 25 man raid of fairly basic difficulty, but it requires coordination and a decent DPS output. While you can…

Generally I just gear for 13% spell hit, as outside of raids and on raid trash you do not need 16% hit, and in raid, you will always have an Elemental Shaman in your group, if your raid is comp'd correctly. 6.3 Alternative Basic Gems: [Great Dawnstone] Used early on to reach the hit cap.TBC Classic Best in Slot (BiS) Lists and Guides · WOWTBC.GG ... WOWTBC.GG

Because their dps is so bad in later tiers, more than one in a raid is counterproductive unless you are using it to feed multiple arcane mages, which would be an unusual raid comp. 1 Like Vartonis-deviate-delight March 29, 2021, 4:56pm